Joe Cain.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Joe Cain Day! This is the first parade or anything Mardi Gras related this season, besides the ball I attended last week. Mardi Gras isn't really my scene. It's fun, but in my old age I have really grown to hate being jostled and touched by strangers. Mardi Gras can get crazy, I've seen grown men punch each other in the face over a stuffed animal. All that aside, today was nice. Perfect weather, and we found some seats outside of an eatery on the parade route. I actually got a picture of me and my dude, which is a rare and beautiful thing.

After that, I zipped over to an Oscar Party at my families house. Cassie always does the best themed parties, and this time didn't disappoint with awesome food, beverage, decorations, and Oscar Bingo.

Now, I just got home and swarmed by animals. Life is good.

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