Last night I learned that it is impossible to play Jenga without making intense faces.

KevButt, Le roomie.
Moi, the many faces of Jenga.

Bookmaking begins!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

 I started my first assignment for bookmaking last night! For homework, we are supposed to prepare our cover with hinge so that we can start with Japanese Stab Binding next class. This is a class I've been waiting for since being a wee freshman, and it is the absolute last class for a photo major to take. Needless to say, I'm raring to go!

got all my fancy new tools laid out

bone folding champ

kitty helps by hanging out on laundry

corners clamped to set up over night
There will most definitely be tons of bookmaking posts/pictures from this semester.

Recap of the awesome in my week.
We changed the exhibit at Space 301:
Sticker removal squad!
That meant a billion stickers had to come down. Yeah, a billion!

I ordered 2 new pair of awesome tights!

And Gunner, as usual, was ridiculously adorable:

C'est fin!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter break has been beyond lovely. I've been trying to visit with family as much as I can before I get back into obsessive student mode. Tonight I hung out with my dad.
He picked up tacos, and we just hung around drinking wine and cracking up over old memories. I take the beautiful drive across the bay every other week or so to have dinner and catch up with daddio, and I feel like a lucky duck to have such an epically bearded and big hearted father.
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