This week we experimented with cyanotypes! Cyanotypes are a photo printing process that gives a an awesome cyan blue print and an awesome tonal range. It's a contact printing process, so I used one of my ink jet negatives from last semester to experiment.
First, I coated my paper with a mixture of Ferric Ammonium Citrate and Potasium Ferricyanide.

Then, I place the negative on the coated paper, put glass on top to keep it flat, and then slide it in the light box for exposure!

It turns this odd color before you rinse the chemicals off.

After you rinse it with water until all the yellow comes out, you put it in another water bath with a cap full of hydrogen peroxide to oxidize it!

The end result is a beautiful dark blue.

Derp, safety first.

I'm overall happy with my first cyanotype experience! Now that my class is comfortable with the cyanotype process, we are starting on our next project, which is a series of 5 cyanotype images with a conceptual theme. Instead of using an inkjet negative like this time, we are shooting 35mm black and white film and creating ortholitho negatives from those images. Now, that's going to be an adventure.

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