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Monday, August 06, 2012

This summer has been absolutely fantabulous! I spent a few weeks teaching art camps at Space 301, and it was a total blast.

The first week I assisted with Paper Mache and Cardboard Camp, and we started off by making sea creatures. I had forgotten how much fun strips of paper and glue could be, and how unbelievably messy! I went home with glue crunched hair for a while.

I made a jellyfish using a wire bird's nest I made for another project.

We made pinatas, and had all kinds of dangerous fun busting them open.

We had fun with cardboard, too!

The next week I taught a photo and collage camp! We created collages, made sun prints, did gel medium transfers and modified disposable cameras.

And last but not least, April, Brennan, and I taught Stop Motion animation camp, and it was such an adventure! It was a learn as you go experience, but everyone was so excited to see their short films at the end of the week! We screened them in the auditorium and invited all the parents to come, and the kids were as proud as can be of their hard work. They were all VERY short, so we combined all of the groups, 7 total, into one video per day. They last about 5 to 7 minutes each and are adorable and incredibly creative! Kids come up with the craziest ideas, and it was such a treat to see their imaginations hard at work.

The first day was whiteboard animation:

The second was pipe cleaner animation:

For the last 2 days, we worked with clay and spent a while creating backgrounds:

This summer has been art-tastic! I love my life.

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