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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I stopped in on an amazing antique store on the walk to the post office with my boss and found this pair of vintage Russian salt and pepper shakers that totally stole my heart. I've been on the hunt for an epic salt and pepper shaker combo for quite a bit now, so WIN! 

I also stumbled upon these ceramic plaques in pink and silver that I couldn't leave without. Upon some research I found out they are Erma Duncan's Art Deco cameo plaques, made in the 70s but dated 1910, which I'm assuming is the era the female figures are derived from. 

These babies are getting hung tomorrow! 

I just found out in addition to paid vacation and sick days, I also have some paid "personal" days I have to use before the New Year, so it's looking like tomorrow is a 'play around the house' day! 

Today was lovely. 

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